Here you can find the current schedule of the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival.
(Subject to change)

Thursday, 20.05.2021

16:00 Start framework program Olympiaworld Innsbruck
17:00 Start race bib distribution K7 – Nighttrail
Olympiaworld Innsbruck
20:00–21:00 Starts K7 – Nighttrail Olympiaworld Innsbruck
22:00 Award ceremony K7 – Nighttrail
Olympiaworld Innsbruck

Friday, 21.05.2021

12:00–19:00 Trail Convention with food trucks & framework program Olympiaworld Innsbruck
12:00–19:00 Race bib distribution & equipment check K110, K85, K65 & K42 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
12:00–19:00 Drop bag check-in K110 & K85 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
22:30 Warm up K110 & K85 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
23:00–24:00 Starts K110 Masters of Innsbruck & K85 Heart of the Alps Ultra
Olympiaworld Innsbruck

Saturday, 22.05.2021

05:00–06:00 Race bib distribution & equipment check K42 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
07:15 Departure shuttle K42 A & B Olympiaworld Innsbruck
07:30 Warm up K42 Kranebitten
07:45 Departure shuttle K42 C & D Olympiaworld Innsbruck
08:00–09:00 Starts K42 – Trailmarathon Kranebitten
08:30 Warm up K65 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
09:30–10:30 Starts K65 – Panorama Ultra Trail
Olympiaworld Innsbruck
12:00–19:00 Trail Convention with food trucks & framework program Olympiaworld Innsbruck
12:00–19:00 Race bib distribution & equipment check K25 & K15 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
16:00–19:00 K110/K85 Dropbag pick-up at Trail Convention Olympiaworld Innsbruck
19:00–22:00 Trail Gala with award ceremony K110, K85, K65 & K42 Olympiaworld Innsbruck

Sunday, 23.05.2021

05:30–06:30 Race bib distribution & equipment check K15 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
07:30–08:30 Race bib distribution & equipment check K25 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
07:30 Departure shuttle K15 A & B Olympiaworld Innsbruck
08:00 Warm up K15 Hall in Tirol
08:30–09:30 Starts K15 – Rookie Trailrun Hall in Tirol
09:30 Departure shuttle K25 A & B Olympiaworld Innsbruck
10:00 Warm up K25 Kranebitten
10:10 Departure shuttle K25 C & D Olympiaworld Innsbruck
10:30–11:30 Starts K25 – Trail Half Marathon Kranebitten
12:00 Award ceremony K15 Olympiaworld Innsbruck
16:00 Award ceremony K25 Olympiaworld Innsbruck

IATF20 Evening Events


Friday, September 10, 2020

We start off a unique and magical trailrun weekend in the heart of Tirol. We invite you to begin the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival with a pleasant evening in our trail tent.

There, you can enjoy the Tyrolean delicacy “Schupfnudeln”. All participants of the K42, K65, K85 or K110 get a portion of Schupfnudeln for free! Also other participants and friends and family are very welcome to join and try this special dish.

Saturday, September 2, 2020

Together with all the other trail runners, you will have the possibility to end the day at the After-Run-Party. There will be Live-Music and plenty of Tyrolian dumplings for you to devour. Afterwards, we will reward the fastest  runners at the final Awards Ceremony! But remember: you’re all winners!

Moreover, you can chat with the other participants about their experiences and become socially involved by supporting the charitable purpose of the Tombola.

If you booked the “Dumpling Party” with your registration, you will find a voucher in the envelope with your Race Details. If you want to register for the Dumpling Party directly at the event, you can do so at our “Infopoint”.

Panorama Testival

Friday, September 10, 2020

From 10 a.m. until noon, trail enthusiasts will be able to test the newest shoes and the newest trail equipment straight on the trails near to the Hungerburg.

The ride with the famous cable car to the Hungerburg will be free for everybody who will be compeeting at the IATF20.
Just register at the Info Point in the Trail City, enjoy the ride to our testival area and start testing.


Foodtruck Festival

The Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival 2020 invites you to enjoy special culinary delights. Fantastic Food by Kaos Crew Foodtruck and Kochschlittn will be waiting for you at the IATF Food Truck Festival during the following hours:

Thursday: 17-22
Friday: 13-19
Saturday: 10-19


The Woadl Team will be running again, to support inhabitants of the Wipp valey in need. This year, the charity project focuses on the general special school in the Wipp valey. There, children with special needs receive the appropriate guidance and support.

The enthusiastic runners together with the Reifeisen banks in the Vipp valey and Caritas Tyrol encourage everybody to take part in the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival and to join the Woadl Team. For every kilometer, the Woadl Team runs during the IATF, € 1 will be donated to the special school in Steinach am Brenner.

Do you want to support the Woadl Team? Get into contact with them via their facebook page!

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