Here you can find all the relevant information for the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival – for additional information please contact us via email or phone – we are happy to help!

Is there any possibility to shower?

In the target area in Innsbruck as well as at the Natterersee, there are possibilities to take a shower free of charge.


The route will be signed. Participants also receive a route map and a GPX-track for further orientation. Please keep in mind that there are dangerous spots and road crossings along the distances. Please apply the general traffic regulations here.

How and when can I register?

You can register easily in the menu “Registration“. Registration deadline is Monday April 22nd 2019.

(Late registration may be possible between April 23rd and May 3rd 2019 if there is any room left for additional participants)

Official Finish

The official cut-off is 11:30pm. You can also find all cut-offs for the different distances here in the menu “Distances”.

Team ratings

Team runs are great for strengthening team spirit, especially within companies and clubs. The focus is not on time, but rather on achieving a common goal. The team with the highest number of kilometers will be crowned the most athletic team!
Please note: It is not mandatory for teams to run in the same group. Each runner can choose their own distance (7/15/25/42/65/85 km) and competition. This allows the team members to run different distances (even in the K7 Nighttrail) and still be included in the overall team rating.

Individual ranking

In the individual evaluation there are the classes male and female. The fastest three runners in every distance get a glass trophy of the Glasfachschule Kramsach. Additionally, there are speciel prices for the three fastest men and women of every age category.

Aid Stations

Along the distances there will be aid stations with food and beverage for all participants. Here you can find refreshing drinks, fruit and vegetables as well as special treats from the region. At some aid stations it is also possible to access restrooms.

More details can be found in the menu “Distances“.

UTMB® points

he Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc® is known for it’s hard qualification process. This year, the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival will again be one of the qualification events to collect points. For registration to the UTMB you need a special number of points.

Here you find a short overview of the points that you can achieve at the IATF:

  • K85 – 4 points
  • K65 – 3 points
  • K42 – 2 points
  • K25 – 1 point

At the Award Ceremony there will also be a tombola raffle with proceeds going to the charity project “Woadl laufen”. Together we can support this project, help others and win awesome prizes from our partners.

Route Maps

Every participant gets a race bib with the height profile and a map of the route for better orientation.


All details for our 5 distances as well as transit times and height profiles can be found here in the menu “Distances”.

Race Bibs

Race bibs need to be picked up in advance. The schedule can be found here under the menue: “Race”. Your obligatory equipment will be checked at the bib distribution!


For the distances K15 (Hall in Tyrol), K25 (Natters-Innsbruck) and K42 (Innsbruck-Natters) we will provide a shuttle service for you. Please select “shuttle” in your registration form to make sure you are booked on the shuttle.

If you are already registered and want to add your shuttle, please contact us via mail:

Race Briefing

Before the start (for the distances K65 and K85 on Friday evening) there will be a race briefing for each distance. The location of those race briefings can be found on our schedule here in the menu: “Race”.

Elevation Profile

The Elevation Profiles for every distance can be found in the menu under „Distances“, here.

GPX track

We will provide a GPX-track for each distance a few days before the race. The tracks for the 5 regular distances will be available for download, here. The track for the K7 Innsbruck Nighttrail will be provided here.


IATF Distances

  • K85 Heart of the Alps Ultra
  • K65 Panorama Ultra Trail
  • K42 Trailmarathon
  • K25 Trailhalfmarathon
  • K15 Rookie Trailrun

Here is a brief overview of the most important facts:

Track K85 K65 K42 K25 K15
Distance 85,4 km 67,5 km 42 km 25,4 km 15,4 km
Climb 3.400 hm 2.300 hm 1.300 hm 1000 hm 400 hm
Descent 3400 hm 2.300 hm 1.600 hm 700 hm 400hm
UTMB® points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points
Start Trail City Innsbruck Trail City Innsbruck Natterer See Trail City Innsbruck Hall in Tyrol
Finish Trail City Innsbruck Trail City Innsbruck Trail City Innsbruck Natterer See Trail City Innsbruck


Transit times

All distances were calculated with a fast and a slow pace. The exact transit times can be found here in the menu “Distances”.


Each runner must carry cartain obligatory items on their person, which will be checked when you pick up your race bib. The list of the obligatory items per distance can be found here.

The run will be conducted in an environmentally respectful manner. Trash must be disposed of in the trash bags provided at the aid stations, without exception. Violators will be disqualified!

When and where does the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival take place?

Das Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival takes place from May 2nd to May 4th 2019 in Innsbruck.
Our Trail City will be located right in front of the State Theater (Maps).

Travel by train

From Innsbruck’s main station you can reach the event area within a 15 minute walk.

The timetable for train arrivals and departures can be found online at


The bus lines 402, H and M also lead from the main station to the so called “Marktplatz” which is a short walk from the start of the event. You can find the timetable for busses online as well:

Travel by plane

You find the timetable for flights and all relevant information on the website of the Innsbruck Airport. The bus line “F” takes you directly from the airport to the “Bürgerstraße” stop. From that point, you can reach the event area in a few minutes by foot.


What are UTMB points?

At the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival, you can collect points to qualify for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® . For the qualification forthis race you need a certain amount of points – this means that our event offers a perfect platform for all people who want to qualify and collect points.

Is there any race insurance?

At the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival you get the chance to acquire a special 24-hour-insurance. With just € 5,- the insurance from our partner “Nürnberger Versicherung” will make sure that there won’t be any unexpected costs in case of an emergency. In the registration form, select “Bergeversicherung buchen” to book the mountain insurance.

When is the awards ceremony?

At 6 pm there is going to be a big “Dumpling Party” for all participants of the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival. Afterwards there will be the awards ceremony to honour all participants and teams.

How do I get to Hall in Tyrol or Natters?

Of course, we provide a shuttle-service to those locations – just remember to select the option “Shuttle” in your registration form.

What is included in the first-aid package?

The first-aid package should include a survival blanket, flexible bandages and tape.

Functional clothing

Please use functional clothing suitable for the expected weather conditions! The weather in the alps is prone of quick and extreme changes. Please prioritize your own safety over weight reduction!

Good weather

  • Running shorts or tights
  • Sweatshirt or fleece shirt
  • Running jacket

In case of bad weather conditions

  • A change of clothes
  • waterproof jacket with a hood as well as over-pants (water column 5.000mm)
  • warm gloves and a beanie/cap
How do i train for the IATF?

Here are some valueble training tips from Hallvard Schjølberg who placed 4th at the UTMB 2018.

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